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Benefits Of Tiles That Look Like Wood

One thing that will quickly become apparent to you when you begin to shop for new tiles for one or more rooms in your home is that some tiles are designed to look like other materials. A popular option is tile that has the appearance of wood. At a glance, a floor that is covered in these high-quality tiles may look like a hardwood floor. While there are certainly plenty of benefits to having hardwood, you might favor tiles that depict this flooring material. There are a number of reasons that tiles that look like wood can be a good addition to your home.


A lot of people like tiles that look like wood because of how durable they are. In most cases, these tiles will be more durable than hardwood flooring, which is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their floor looking pristine even years after its installation. If you have large dogs, for example, you might worry about their claws causing damage to the floor when they run around. This is a common worry with hardwood flooring but won't be a concern when you have a tile floor that mimics wood. Additionally, if you occasionally move furniture by sliding it around, there's less of a risk of damaging a tile floor than a hardwood one.

More Rooms

While hardwood flooring can work well in several rooms throughout your home, it's not a good fit in every location. People typically avoid putting hardwood in their bathrooms, for example, because the moisture in this space may cause the wood to warp. Similarly, you may not want wood flooring in the foyer of your home, as wet shoes and boots in the winter could cause water damage. Either of these areas is fine for tile, as it isn't nearly as at risk of water-related issues as wood.

Minimal Maintenance

Some people try to keep their hardwood floors looking like new by carefully maintaining them at regular intervals. For example, some people will refinish the floor by sanding it and then restaining it. Others will fill dents and divots with wood filler, sand the area smooth, and then restain it. These tasks can help the look of your floor, but they're extremely time consuming. Having tiles that look like wood will give you a wooden look without the maintenance. Maintaining a tile floor is very simple; generally, you just need to reseal the grout lines on occasion. Contact a flooring store for more information about tile flooring

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