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Three Light Hardwood Flooring Ideas To Consider

If you're early in the process of shopping for hardwood flooring for one or more rooms in your home and you've decided that you favor the spacious, neutral look that light-colored wood can provide, you'll likely have lots of options at your local flooring store. Even though dark hardwood flooring is very popular, these retailers always carry a large supply of light hardwood. If you haven't previously browsed different light hardwood samples, you might be surprised to see how many different options are available. Here are three popular light hardwood flooring ideas to consider.

Light Gray 

Light gray hardwood flooring is a popular option that is present in many homes. Some light gray flooring has a rustic, worn look that is similar to barn board, while other products are more pristine in appearance. You'll see light gray hardwood in several different shades, ranging from just a little darker than white to moderately gray. Light gray hardwood flooring can often have a modern look that can be a good fit with modern furniture and decorative elements. If you favor modern styles and don't want to replace your furniture just because you're getting new flooring, light gray can be an option to pursue.


Another light color to consider when you're shopping for hardwood flooring is yellow. Yellow hardwood flooring is readily available in several light shades that have a slight yellowish tinge; don't think of a primary yellow color, as you're unlikely to find this hue in hardwood. Yellow hardwood has a natural look that can often appear rustic. If you want your home or even a specific area of your home to have somewhat of a rustic cabin look, yellow hardwood can be an option to consider. The yellowish hues can vary between the individual pieces of wood, which can help to give the floor a high degree of visual interest.


People often think of off-white as being a popular paint color, but it's also possible to buy hardwood that is finished to look off-white. This hue makes the room look open and large, which can be desirable in many areas. It commonly has a modern look, too, making it a good option in a home office, living room, or kitchen. Some off-white flooring has heavy wood grain that is visible, while other products show less grain. If you're interested in one of these light-colored hardwood products for your home, visit your local flooring store. 

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