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Points To Consider When You Buy Striped Carpet

While a lot of people immediately look for plain designs when they shop for new carpet for a room in their home, it can be worthwhile to see what other options your local carpet store has available. Striped carpet is one choice to consider, as it can add a significant amount of visual appeal to any room. You'll usually find a variety of different striped carpets for sale, so it's a good idea to think of a few specific points before you decide which one would be best for your home. Here are three points for you to think about when you visit a carpet store.


A striped design is a good way to introduce some colors into a room. If your furniture and decorative items are on the plain side, a colorful striped carpet can be a good fit. As you browse different products, take note of the colors of each. Some people favor a striped carpet that contains several different bright colors, but this look may be too bold for other individuals. If you want something that isn't too vibrant, consider some muted colors. For example, you might like an off-white carpet with gray or blue stripes.


The width of the stripes is another thing for you to think about. The wider the stripes in a particular type of carpet, the more noticeable they'll be. This can be ideal if you want to draw some attention to your new carpet, but you might want the carpet to complement the overall look of the room instead of drawing too much attention. In this case, you might favor a design that features thinner stripes. A design that offers common ground features different stripe widths. For example, there might be a large stripe every few inches, with narrow stripes positioned at regular intervals in between.


You should also think about what stripe spacing you like. You'll see a lot of different options available. On some striped carpets, the stripes appear just fractions of an inch apart. In others, there may be several inches between each stripe. The former can often have a bolder look, while the latter will look subtler. Small gaps between the stripes can sometimes make the carpet look busy, whereas larger gaps may offer a calmer look that is well-suited for certain rooms. Visit a carpet store in your community to browse its selection of carpets for sale, including those that have stripes.

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