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Properly Caring For Your Business' Epoxy Flooring

If you own a business that has a warehouse, garage, or mechanical area to provide goods or services for your customers, the addition of epoxy to the existing floor holds a variety of benefits. To keep a newly placed epoxy covering looking like new, perform the following tasks.

Handle Loose Debris On A Routine Basis

If you do not take the time to remove loose debris from the surface of your epoxy floor, it can cause unsightly scratches or scrapes to the glossiness the flooring medium provides. Instead of using a vacuum cleaner or wet-dry vacuum to remove debris, it is best to stick with the usage of just the attachment portion of one of these appliances. Hold the attachment slightly above the floor level so it does not accidentally push the debris further into the surface of the epoxy. A soft-bristled broom can also be used to whisk debris into a pile to be removed from the floor level when needed.

Remove Liquid Staining Agents As Soon As Possible

Epoxy provides a durable surface over a plain cement slab. With the addition of epoxy, you need to be diligent in removing potential staining agents as soon as they drop to the floor surface. To do this, first, neutralize the potential stain using a mixture of water and ammonia. Place a few tablespoons of ammonia in a bucket of warm water and add it to the spot where the chemical had spilled. Use a sponge or a soft piece of chamois to move the liquid over the spill. Use another piece of clean cloth to remove the liquid from the area. Afterward, simply use plain warm water to clean the rest of the agent from the spot. Dry the spot well with a clean cloth or a sponge, or allow it to air dry.

Avoid Using Any Citrus, Soap, Or Vinegar-Based Cleaners

The application of citrus cleaning agents on an epoxy surface will cause the sheen to disappear from your floor surface. In most cases, using plain water will be enough to cleanse your epoxy floors well. Vinegar also causes epoxy to deteriorate, so it is best to avoid using it on the floors altogether. The use of soap on epoxy will not cause deterioration but will cause a haze to be left behind on the floor after it dries. This can be difficult to remove, making clear water a better choice for cleaning. 

For more information about commercial flooring services, contact a local professional. 

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