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About Dustless Floor Sanding

If you need to have your floors sanded, then consider having someone come out and take care of your floors using a dustless floor sanding method. Once you know more about some advantages it offers, it will likely become clear that this is a great way to go for many reasons. Here are some things you should know about dustless floor sanding: 

How dustless floor sanding works

When you have your floor dustless sanded, a special dustless sander is used that is designed to collect the dust with suction. This prevents the dust caused by sanding from going in the air and then landing all over everything in the area. 

Dustless floor sanding helps the environment to remain healthier

When you have your floors sanded, the dust will end up being breathed in, and this can create health risks. Anyone can be affected by getting the dust in their lungs, even if they don't have respiratory issues. However, those who already have respiratory concerns can be especially affected. Another health concern is that the dust from the floors can contain a lot of toxic particles, and this can increase the chances of other health concerns. Dustless floor sanding significantly decreases the health risks by removing most of the dust before it is able to affect the air quality. 

Having your floors sanded without dust helps protect electronics

When the dust goes everywhere, it can affect your electronics as well. As the dust settles, it can end up getting inside the electronics and causing extensive damage. This can leave you with electronics that need to be repaired or even completely replaced. This is another thing that you won't have to worry about if you decide to have someone come to sand your floors with their dustless sanding equipment. 

Dustless floor sanding protects your things

When you end up with the dust from your floor sanding getting all over, it will land on your wood furniture. This can cause the wood to end up with fine scratches if the dust is wiped off incorrectly. Dust can end up getting on your bedding, in the cushions, and even on your clothing. It can even end up landing on your newly done floor while it still has a wet coat of finish, and this can negatively affect the final result. Dustless floor sanding keeps the dust from getting all over, including on your belongings.

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