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Tips For Choosing A Hardwood Flooring Finish

Your hardwood floors are beautiful, and you want to protect your investment for several decades to come. All hardwood flooring needs to be finished and the type of finish that is right for you is dependent upon several factors, including your budget. Here are a few popular hardwood floor finishes to consider and a few tips to help you make the right choice for your needs and budget.

Water-Based Finish

If you want an environmentally friendly option that is easy to apply and has very few VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, a water-based finish is a great option. A water-based hardwood finish is available in a variety of finishes, including high gloss, satin, or semi-gloss options, and is very durable. There only typically needs to be a couple of coats applied and the finish dries very quickly.

However, be aware that if you choose a high gloss finish, any scratches or scrapes made to the hardwood flooring will be more noticeable.

Oil-Based Finish

Another popular option, an oil-based wood flooring finish is typically more cost-effective than a water-based finish and is typically more durable. However, be aware that oil-based finishes are more time-consuming to apply, and because the finish contains more VOCs, there will be a slightly noticeable odor.

However, if you have kids or pets and need to have a finish that can withstand a lot of heavy traffic, an oil-based finish is a great option. Additionally, if you want a darker finish that will turn more reddish-brown over time, an oil-based finish will look amazing after it is applied.

Acid-Cured or Swedish Finish

If you have very expensive or rare hardwood flooring and want to provide the flooring with the most durable finish, an acid-cured finish is the greatest option. Be aware that acid-cured finishes are the most expensive type of finish and because the process involves the use of acids, the finish must be applied by a professional.

Additionally, the finish requires several weeks for the product to completely cure, and the chemicals used are high in VOCs, you must leave for house the entire time the finish is applied. However, an acid-based finish is so durable and will not yellow or greatly impact the color of the hardwood, which means that it is one of the best products available.

Choosing the ideal finish for your hardwood flooring can be confusing. If you have any more questions, contact a company—such as Mirage Hardwood Flooring—for assistance.

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