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Installing Hardwood Floors? Things To Know About The Installation Direction

If you have decided to install hardwood flooring in your home, one thing you'll find is that the selection of hardwood floors is only the first of many decisions before your floor is actually installed. For example, one of the things you'll have to determine is what direction you want to install the wood planks in. After all, when you're installing a whole new floor, you can decide which direction that wood floor runs. Here are a few of the key considerations to help you make that choice.

Think About The Subflooring

In some cases, the subflooring will have a direct effect on the direction that you install your floors. Most hardwood floor installation contractors recommend that you install the planks in the same direction that the floor joists run. That way, if you have a floor joist that starts sagging a little bit, it won't have devastating effects on your flooring. However, if the subflooring is more durable and stronger, such as concrete, you can choose to run the planks in any direction you wish.

Consider The Visual Appeal

In most cases, interior decorating guidelines dictate that you should install wood planks so that they run straight in from the door. This creates an inviting feeling coming in from the door and can make your room feel more open and inviting. If you're installing hardwood floors in a hallway, the wood planks should run the length of the hall. 

Assess The Dimensions

Any time you install hardwood flooring in a room, you should also consider the dimensions of the room. A room that's wider than it is long can feel longer if you run the wood planks the long way in the space. Likewise, a room that's longer than it is wide can feel wider if you run the wood planks width-wise. Talk with your hardwood floor installation contractor about the dimensions of the room and the direction of the flooring to help you determine which one is the best solution.

Installing all-new hardwood flooring is a great opportunity to create the look you've wanted from your new floors. The more you understand about the installation considerations, the easier it will be for you to get a final installation that makes you happy. Remember that your wood floors will last for decades, especially if you install solid hardwood floors, so you'll want to make sure you choose an installation direction that best fits what you want.

Call a flooring company to discuss your wood floor installation.

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