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Considering Hardwood Floors? Why You Should Say Yes

New flooring choices can often be difficult to make, and for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it's hard to determine which type of flooring is actually going to be the best solution for your home, lifestyle, and family needs. One of the most popular options is hardwood flooring, and it's popular for some good reasons. Here's a look at some of the things that you should know about what makes hardwood flooring a great choice for many homes.

Long-Term Investment

Perhaps the single biggest reason to choose hardwood floors for your home is because of the lifespan you'll get from that investment. If you're looking for a flooring choice that you won't have to replace in a decade or two, hardwood flooring may be just the solution. In fact, when you opt for thicker wood flooring planks, you'll get even longer out of your floors because thicker planks allow for additional sanding and refinishing cycles. The more times you can sand and refinish your hardwood floors, the longer they will last you.

Ease Of Cleaning

Another great reason to consider hardwood flooring for your home is that it's so much easier to clean. When you invest in hardwood flooring, cleaning requires nothing more than just frequent sweeping and occasional mopping. Just make sure that any floor cleaner you use is safe for hardwood floors. Otherwise, you could damage the finish or the wood itself. Ask your hardwood floor installation contractor about the best cleaner for your floors.

Healthier Environment

Hardwood floors also create a healthier environment inside your house. Carpet can trap dust, dander, and other debris, which often triggers allergy responses and respiratory issues. With hardwood flooring, there are no carpet fibers to trap these allergens and irritants. You will have cleaner, healthier air in your home and potentially lower allergy risks.

Increased Resale Value

Sometimes, homeowners shy away from installing hardwood flooring because it requires a significant initial investment. What they don't realize, though, is that they will also get a significant return on that investment should they sell the house in the next decade or two. Hardwood flooring increases the resale value of your home, which allows you to recoup much of that installation investment if you sell.

These are a few of the many reasons why so many homeowners opt to install hardwood flooring in their homes. Reach out to a local hardwood flooring contractor, such as Bentley Adams Tile & Wood Flooring, for more help and information about the right flooring solution for your living space.

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