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You May Need Carpet Stretching Services To Eliminate Wrinkles And Restore The Beauty Of Your Carpet

If your carpet has developed wrinkles, but the carpet is still in fairly good shape and you don't want to replace it, consider calling a carpet stretching service to remove the wrinkles. This is less expensive than getting a new carpet, and with the wrinkles gone, your carpet will have an improved appearance.

Wrinkles can form in carpeting if the carpet wasn't installed properly or if your home has excess humidity or heat. Wrinkles can also form if you have a habit of dragging a heavy sofa across the floor. No matter why the wrinkles are there, a carpet stretching service can eliminate them. Here's an overview of how it works.

The Old Carpet Has To Be Lifted

Rooms differ according to their shape and cut-out areas, so the contractor has to determine how much of the carpet has to be lifted to get the best stretch. They'll usually leave one side in place, and they may release the other three sides of the carpet in the room. Then, they'll carefully lift the carpet so no parts are stuck to the floor. This allows the carpet to be stretched fully.

A Stretching Tool Is Used

The contractor uses a stretching tool to get rid of wrinkles in the same way the tool is used to stretch new carpet. Stretching pulls the carpet tight across the floor so all wrinkles are removed. The stretched carpet can be held in place with tack strips. If the old tack strips are worn out, the contractor may put down new ones first so the nails can grip the carpet securely.

The Carpet Ends Are Pushed Under The Baseboard

The final step is to push the loose carpet ends under the baseboard and threshold transition strip. This can be done by using a flat tool to press the carpet end in the crack and under the baseboard or transition strip. When that's done, the carpet should have a much improved appearance with no wrinkles.

Several Factors Affect The Cost Of Carpet Stretching

Some carpet stretching jobs are harder than others, and that affects the cost. Also, some types of carpet are easier to work with than others. Room size also comes into play. The carpet stretching service may charge by the hour and by the square footage of the room. You can get an estimate upfront so you know how much you'll need to pay to eliminate wrinkles and restore the beauty of your carpet. If your carpet developed wrinkles due to too much heat or humidity in the room, consider using a dehumidifier or climate control so wrinkles won't come back. A place like Best Services, Inc. has more information.

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