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Tips to Help You Maintain and Extend the Life of Your Marble Flooring

Marble flooring can look high-end and luxurious. But, this flooring can also be high-maintenance. Learning how to properly care for and maintain your marble flooring can help you to prevent stains, damage, or other problems that can be expensive or impossible to repair. Here are a few tips that will help you to maintain your marble flooring, while also extending its lifetime. 

Properly Clean Your Floors Regularly

It is recommended that you clean your marble flooring every single day. This is because any debris left on the light-colored flooring can leave stains behind. It is recommended that you use a dry microfiber mop to remove dirt, dust, and small bits of debris. A soft cloth with a gentle cleanser that is safe for marble should be used for any remaining spots or residue. Never use a vacuum, bristled brush, acidic cleaners, or abrasive scrubbing tools to clean your marble flooring. 

Immediately Clean Up Any Spills

If you notice any liquid on your marble flooring, you will need to clean it up immediately. Marble flooring can stain if you spill juice or wine on the floor. Even water can cause a marble floor to take on a yellow tinge. When you are cleaning up spills, it is recommended that you dab at the liquid to absorb it, rather than rubbing it, which can rub the stain further into your marble flooring. 

Consider Using an Area Rug Between the Floor and Furniture

Marble floors are soft. This makes them susceptible to scratches. If you are placing furniture on your marble flooring, including couches, dining room tables, or entryway console tables, you should consider placing a throw rug or area rug between the flooring and the furniture. This helps to minimize scratches. If you do not want to use a rug, use felt protectors on the furniture to help prevent scratching. 

Take Off Your Shoes When Entering Your Home

The last tip that can help you to maintain and extend the life of your marble flooring is to take off your shoes when you are entering your home, and asking your guests to do so. Your shoes can carry a lot of debris on them, including outside dirt, oil, and residue. This residue and oil can be tough to remove from your marble flooring, so removing shoes is a great way to keep your floors clean and stain-free. 

If your marble flooring does become stained, starts turning yellow, or starts to lose its shine, you will want to call in a marble flooring professional. This professional can properly clean your marble flooring and polish it, helping to remove stains and hopefully make it look good as new again.

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