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How LVP Flooring Outshines Hardwood

Hardwood floors are not as common as they once were. These days, if someone wants the look of wood, flooring companies will often recommend luxury vinyl plank flooring instead. This type of flooring is topped with wood, so the part you see is wood, but under the wood layer are layers of padding and vinyl. Why is LVP becoming so popular and starting to outshine classic hardwood? Well, as it turns out, LVP offers a lot of benefits over hardwood flooring.

It won't warp

Traditional hardwood flooring is known for warping. This is just a natural property of wood. It expands when the air around it is moist, and it contracts when the air around it is dry. LVP is a lot less prone to warping than natural hardwood. The underneath layers of the flooring are made from materials that don't expand and contract. And the wood plank tops of the flooring are attached in a way that minimizes expansion and contraction. An LVP floor won't develop gaps or high spots as the seasons change like hardwood floors often do.

It is easier to install

Luxury vinyl plank flooring can typically be installed simply by snapping the flooring planks together over the subfloor. This is much easier for flooring installers than installing hardwood, which is an extensive process that involves acclimating the wood, sanding the wood, and applying various finishes. LVP flooring can often be installed in less than a day, so you can enjoy your floor sooner and save on installation costs.

It is easy to replace or maintain

If one of your luxury vinyl planks becomes damaged, you can just remove and replace that one plank. You probably won't even have to call a professional to replace the floor plank for you; it's pretty simple. Maintaining or repairing a hardwood floor is much harder. You have to remove a board, which sometimes results in damage to another board in the process. Then, you have to try to finish the replacement board so it perfectly matches the other boards. 

It absorbs shock and concussion

When you walk over a hardwood floor, you typically hear it. LVP, however, is made with shock-absorbing materials towards the base layers of the plank. As such, it absorbs more concussion and is quieter when you walk over it.

If you want a floor that looks like hardwood without the challenges of hardwood, then look into LVP. It's a great option for all of the reasons above.

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