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Things You May Not Know About Concrete Floors

Concrete floors can be one of the most durable options available when it comes to your home or business. When choosing to have concrete flooring installed, there are some important factors that you have to consider when it concerns this popular and durable flooring option.

Decide Whether The Concrete Floors Should Be Polished

Polished concrete is an option that can provide the interior of your building with an attractive, durable, and easy-to-maintain flooring solution. The polishing process can require the use of specialized equipment that will be able to smooth the surface of the concrete flooring, as well as systems that can apply a layer of polish. While the polishing process will dramatically improve the overall appearance of the concrete flooring, it will not compromise the durability or strength of this flooring option. Not surprisingly, it is common for the concrete floors in most buildings to be polished to ensure that they look more finished.

Protect The Concrete Floors From Furniture Or Equipment Scratches

While your concrete flooring can be extremely strong and durable, it can still be vulnerable to developing scratches. These scratches often form as a result of dragging heavy furniture or other equipment along the floor, as this can leave deep gashes in it. Whenever you are needing to move these items in your building, they should be completely lifted off the ground before they are moved into position. This may require renting special tools to lift these items, but this is a small investment to make in order to protect the concrete flooring in your building.

Regularly Clean The Concrete Floors To Prevent Discoloration

Regularly cleaning the concrete floors is another important aspect of owning and maintaining this type of flooring system. When the concrete floors are not regularly cleaned, they can easily become discolored over the years. Most of these discolorations will be the result of dirt, dust, and pigments getting into the small openings on the surface of the concrete. While polished concrete may be less vulnerable to staining, it can still occur if it is not regularly cleaned. Once these stains have formed in the concrete, the only way to remove them may require the concrete to be resurfaced. This is a project that will involve the removal of the top layer of the concrete. This can be a fairly common repair for concrete flooring contractors to have to do, and it will restore the appearance of your floors.

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