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How Can Polished Concrete Services Change Your Workspaces?

There is something professional about a clean and shiny concrete surface in a business place. You may see concrete floors polished to a high shine in banks, insurance brokers, and jewelry shops, for example. Polished concrete floors are versatile and project an impressive image for any brand in almost all industries. Polished concrete services can transform your working space drastically by installing a polished floor. This type of flooring has several advantages over normal flooring.


Installing a polished floor brings instantaneous change even in a room. The high shine reflects most of the natural light, making space look brighter and airy. It reduces the need for lots of artificial lighting.

Polished concrete is the usual concrete that is sanded to a high shine. It is made of sand, stone, and water, which are naturally found in many places. Harvesting these materials is not environmentally damaging when done sustainably. 

Variable Styles

Polished concrete services can customize the floor finishing in a wide variety of textures and colors. You can pick colors that reflect your brand's identity. There are up to four levels of gloss. The first level gives a hazy reflection when you stand on it. 

The next level of gloss has a low-luster matte finish that will show reflection, while the next level shows clear reflections of ceiling and lighting features. The last level is mirror gloss, which shows a clear reflection when you are standing on it. 

Improved Work Efficiency 

You will see a slight improvement in varied tasks after installing polished concrete. For instance, the smooth surface will see faster trolley movement. If you work in a large floor space, it will be easier to move around because the smooth surface offers less resistance and friction.

Cleaning a polished concrete surface is very easy. You can easily work the surface with an auto scrubber two or three times each week. The surface is also easy to sweep and dust. The surface also does not need waxing or polishing. 

Improved Safety 

Bare concrete is a durable surface, but it also offers lots of friction in the movement for both feet and vehicle traffic. Shoes and wheels wear out faster. It also presents a higher risk of injury when people trip. There can be scrapes and bruises. 

Polished concrete services install the flooring to federal and state standards to keep people safe.

Do you wish to transform your workplace with revamped flooring? Talk to a company like Deluxe Concrete about polished flooring services. 

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