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Choosing A Paint For Your Home's Exterior

If you are currently in the process of preparing to have your home's exterior professionally painted, deciding on a paint product will be one of the first issues to address. As you are weighing potential paint products, there are some factors and considerations that will influence this decision process.

Color Retention

Color retention refers to a paint's ability to withstand the elements before it starts to fade. Unfortunately, homeowners may fail to consider the need to assess the color retention quality of a paint product before choosing it. This can lead to them potentially choosing a paint that is more prone to fading in response to ultraviolet light and extreme heat exposure.

Energy Efficiency

Maximizing the energy efficiency of your house will require you to address the full range of potential sources of heat loss or gain. In this regard, the paint may not seem like it is a particularly important factor, but there are paint products that are designed to minimize the total amount of heat that they absorb from the sun. These paints are often slightly more costly than less efficient solutions, but they will often pay for themselves by reducing the amount that you have to run your home's air conditioning system during the summer.

Scratch Resistance

Scratching can be an issue that inflicts damage to a home's exterior coat of paint. This is due to water being able to enter through the crack where it can cause the rest of the paint to start flaking off. In addition to resisting scratches from branches that may rub against the home's exterior, this paint is also less likely to be scratched as a result of small debris that may be blown into the sides of the home by the wind.

Single Versus Multi-Coat Paints

Single coat paint products may be able to be applied more quickly, but it is often the case that these paints will have a significantly shorter lifespan. In contrast, paint products that need a primer and potentially multiple coatings can take longer to apply to the house, but they will have a significantly longer lifespan. This may allow you to go for years longer before you will need to have your home painted again. If your home is located near bodies of water, multi-coat products may be a necessary option due to the higher salt and moisture content in the air as this could more rapidly degrade the paint products.

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